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Transportation Service
Special Offer -「Rent & Drive」 More Info~   -THSR Miaoli Station Free Transportation Service More Info~   -「Package Tour」 More Info~...more

Autumn Ripens the Persimmons
Persimmon is sweet, flavorful, rich in vitamin C (two times higher than average fruit), and also known for its benefits for the lung, making it a commonly loved edible fruit.   Taian, Miaoli abounds in persimmon, and in autumn from the end of September to December, persimmons are ripe, in season,...more

Strawberry Season and Hot Spring
Don’t miss it! The best combination for your perfect trip in winter: The strawberry 🍓 in Dahu, Miaoli, together with the hot spring ♨️ in Taian, Miaoli....more


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