觀止訂房專線話務量經常間歇性暴增,若佔線或下班時間請利用下列方式: 一、旅客訂房訂位服務 預約訂餐 預約芳療 預約接駁 二、 線上訂房系統 我們將盡快與您回覆,謝謝。


Transportation Service
Special Offer -「Rent & Drive」 More Info~   -THSR Miaoli Station Free Transportation Service More Info~   -「Package Tour」 More Info~...more

Fruit Picking in May and June
Situated at the border of Dahu and Sanyi, amongst the ridges of Guan-dao Mountains in Miaoli, and at the altitude of 500 to 800 meters, Jiang-Ma-Yuan Agri-tourism Area can be reached through County Road No. 130, which connect it to Shuang-Tan Agri-tourism Area. Beside marvelous mountain view and beautiful scenery, Jiang-Ma-Yuan Agri-tourism Area provide plum...more

Jujube Picking in July and August
Jujube is of richer Vitamin C than kiwi and, with its great flavor and great help for skin and beauty, it has always been an important ingredient in Chinese dishes; thus, it is even included in one of the favorite dishes of Empress Dowager Cixi in Qing Dynasty. Gong-guan, Miaoli, with a century experience of...more


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