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Transportation Service
Special Offer -「Rent & Drive」 More Info~   -THSR Miaoli Station Free Transportation Service More Info~   -「Package Tour」 More Info~...more

Fireflies Appreciation
From April to May, fireflies dance in butterfly lilies, and flash like little stars in the sky.   Route: 1 Embark from Onsen Papawaqa, walk up the direction to our mountain trail, and you will see them on the way. 2 Walk along our mountain trail, you can see them flying in butterfly lilies, beside...more

Enjoy Tung Blossoming in Papawaqa
Relax and bathe in sodium bicarbonate hot spring with mountain view on the side, Taiwan shoveljaw carp in the river.   Enjoy Annual Tung Blossoming Come and see for yourself!...more


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