About Us Resort Overview - Design Concepts

In this project, if we are talking about the formation of a building, the linkage of some spaces and the details of a particular section, we should tell you what we have brought to this place, what we have chosen for users, and what we have continued… Many wish to leave town to commune with nature, but they cannot wait to be cut off from nature. This is the contradiction many leisure industries face inside scenic areas and who want to correspond to the market. For example, people are accustomed to hiding away from the rain and want to see something brilliant in the lobby on their vacations. They cannot live in a room without air conditioning and cannot wait to turn on the TV as soon as they lie down in bed. There are too many things that they cannot give up, it is like they just change one place for another and continue on with their urban life. Instead of reducing stress, they take on more stress. It was supposed to be a day off, but they work even harder… Letting everything go and communing with nature is what we emphasize here. When you are holding an umbrella listening to the rain closely and looking at the splash on the floor, your interaction with nature has already started. These are unconscious feelings that can touch our soul. And so we began to think; how can we pay more attention to the details in our environment: how people stop, hope people move on, how people rest, how people contact the outside world, and even how people meditate… These are very important because they are how we can feel abstract behaviors. Slow your pace, think more carefully, watch more closely; listen to the quiet, smell the freshness of nature or feel a friendly, deep touch. Finding the truth is the simple, clear goal of all metaphysical teachings. Some thoughts arise spontaneously, such as when you see simple, unprocessed materials, or when you take a stroll along the sloped, stone path. Passing through the minimalist setting, there is a great green lobby. The focus changes as we look up. After a turn, there is an open hallway. Before you enter the room, let’s take you back into the open air. Open your room door, and there is another luscious green scene. These scenes are no coincidence. Some may ask, “Why did we use clear water concrete and chrome-wooden railing façade?” This voice has been there ever since the very beginning. As a matter of fact, for social value, what does high-class and beauty mean? Many believe that a high-class hotel must have marble decorations. The façade of this building looks unfinished. In fact, we were thinking about something else: completion and time. What does completion mean? Does completion mean a building whose construction and interior decoration works is completed? Or, is it more important to consider the sustainability of the building? Once the owner decided on the long-term operations of the hotel, what is needed here? A magnificent building that gets old as time goes by? Or a building where suitability, time and beauty are possible? When compared with the exterior of a completed building, a building that impresses people with its natural changes in the course of time is a more important reference. For example, the sedimentation of concrete, the fading patina of natural wood, the growth of green (climbing) plants etc. They may not be the “value” as perceived by society, but they faithfully reflect the reality of materials in nature, the pure aesthetics.

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