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Scenes from Slow Life on the Mountainside

Moss grows naturally on the waterfront wall of the Onsen Papawaqa. After years, the entire building will look like an elegant ancient European castle. It is the same to the metal-wooden railings that will fade as time goes by. They look like wooden railings from outside, a screening wall from sides, but a long corridor from inside.The lobby linked up by the corridor is the third floor of the building, while a lawn on the slope is right in front of the first and second floors. In the daytime when the light is bright enough, or with the illumination of the projection light in the evening, the entire building looks as if it is rising from the lawn. Looking through the corridor on whatever floor, you can always see the elegant scene and emerald mountain corridor as if looking at a landscape painting.Located at Chingshui Village, Taian Township, nearly 500m elevation, and surrounded by clouds, misty mountains and running water; blending to the river valley and mountain forest, where the biodiversity of the native Formosan flora is seen crisscrossing the rocks and roots of towering trees. The seasonal change of flora is especially obvious in autumn and winter. The bleak and gorgeous scenes are sometimes like the smoky scene in regions south of the Yangtze River, and other times like the scenes on the Huangshan. Embracing fashion, nature, leisure and classic, Onsen Papawaqa can surely help urban visitors relieve their weary and busy life and to enjoy the totally relaxing rural life in a slow and leisure pace.In sum, Onsen Papawaqa is a green building using the minimalist construction methods to combine fashion, nature, leisure and classic together.
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