Restaurant - Meeting Room

Modernized conference room with audio recorders, projectors, broadband Internet access, and snacks.
Capacity: 80-100 persons.
Functions: Workshop, meeting and seminar are available.
Venue Decoration: Art editors provide onsite decoration assistance and coordination service (food and accommodation, enquiry and activity arrangement).
Conference Room Layout: classroom, theatre, rectangular room, square room, small group conference room.
Four hour per session:
morning session 08:00-12:00;
afternoon session 14:00-18:00;
Cross sessions are considered as two sessions.


  • NT$6,000+10% per session; special offer for two sessions: NT$10,000+10%; after 20:00, the duration of each session is 2 hours ; the rent for every extra hour is NT$2,000+10%. Additional decoration fee is needed for evening decoration services.
  • Rent includes projectors, recording equipment, poster, desk card and wireless Internet access.
  • Free equipment: laser pens, microphones, 2 presentation stands, whiteboard and blank paper, pencils, mineral water


$80+10% per one: Coffee+Tea
$150+10% per one: Coffee+Tea+Snack(sweet*1&salty*1)+Fruit
$250+10% per one: Coffee+Tea+Snack(sweet*2&salty*2)+Fruit
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