Facilities - Pet Hotel

Pet Boarding Notice:
  1. There is only a limited space in this area. We provide pet boarding according to the reservation order.
  2. Pet owners should prepare pet food or others needs. The resort only provides water.
  3. Except for outdoor space, the resort prohibits pet entry into the lobby, rooms, restaurants and Onsen Air Spa areas.
  4. You may rent a locker should you need one. The owner who wants to see his/her pet needs to inform the front desk and the registrar.
  5. Please take your pet with you when checking out. A pet not claimed for more than 7 days, will be considered as being discarded by the owner, and we will take the necessary action.
  6. We only provide boarding but not feeding and protecting. The owner must agree to the above rules for pet boarding.
  7. Specifications of the pet boarding cage: (one large four small)
    Large length145cm X wide70cm X height 70cm
    Small length 70cmX wide 70cm X height 70cm
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