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In order to provide convenience for visitor transportation and tour packages, the Onsen Papawaqa has formed a strategic partnership with nearby guided tour fleets. Please contact the fleets should you require their services.

MINITOUR pickup service prices(weekdays/holidays are different in prices)
Pickup Points
Single Trip
Return Trip
Miaoli Train Station
Hsinchu THSR Station
Taichung Wuri THSR Station
Taichung Airport (TaichungChing-Chuang-Kang Airport)
Taoyuan International Airport
  1. For more information regarding the prices for holidays and the Chinese New Year, please log on to MINI TOUR
  2. A driver is assigned for every pick up service. Each car is limited to four persons. For five or more persons, an additional fee will apply. NT$200元
  3. The above prices apply to the pickup services to Onsen Papawaqa Hot Spring Resort.
  4. The above prices include insurance, toll fee, parking fee, service fee. We do not charge tips or other fees. Please inform us one day in advance if you plan to cancel the pickup.
  5. To ensure the customer’s rights and service quality, if it is necessary to arrange services in other parts of Miaoli, please inform us at the time of reservation or before the car departs for pickup (The prices vary according to actual needs)
  6. Transfer information Charter Standard Chartered Bank Wenxin branch (code 052) Account number:0722-10000-268-224 Account Name: Guo Jia-Min
  7. Reservation conseling:+886-37-997225 / +886-37-997226 Ms. Guo
  8. MINITOUR:3-2, Baliao Bay, Fuxing village, Dahu township, Miaoli county
    (Next to Dahu winery, across the gas station)
Transfer Bus

Contract Car Rental:
Ruru Car Rental Limited Pick Up Service Price

Miaoli Railway Station to Onsen Papawaqa Spa Resort:
One-way: $1200; Round trip: $2200

Wuru THSR Station and Hsinchu THSR Station to Onsen Papawaqa Spa Resort:
One-way: $2500; Round trip: $4800

Vehicle type: Volkswagen T4 or Mitsubishi RVs.
The destination of the above transfer service is Onsen Papawaqa Spa Resort only.
The service charge includes insurance, tolls and parking fee, excluding tip and other fees.
For your benefits and service quality, please inform us in advance for picking up passengers in other locations in Miaoli County (prices are based on actual needs).
Please feel free to call for enquiries and comments.

Appointment and enquiry hotlines: 037-266488 and 037-270122.
Address: 366 Weigong Road, Qinghua Li, Miaoli City (next to Miaoli Railway Station)
We are a member of the Miaoli County Car Rental Association and are under the guidelines of the National Car Rental Association.

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